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MDCACHE: add new config parameter "Entries_Release_Size"

Set Entries_Release_Size > 0 to enable cache entries release,
LRU wants to release Entries_Release_Size entry.
Set Entries_Release_Size = 0 to disable. Default 100.

Change-Id: Ic3852317762ef542849ce9af8c5d03b08278d8ff
Signed-off-by: sepia-liu <>
M src/FSAL/Stackable_FSALs/FSAL_MDCACHE/mdcache_ext.h
M src/FSAL/Stackable_FSALs/FSAL_MDCACHE/mdcache_lru.c
M src/FSAL/Stackable_FSALs/FSAL_MDCACHE/mdcache_lru.h
M src/FSAL/Stackable_FSALs/FSAL_MDCACHE/mdcache_read_conf.c
M src/config_samples/config.txt
5 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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