Is it usual to see 200’000-400’000 open files for a single ganesha process? Or does this indicate that something ist wrong?


We have some issues with ganesha (on spectrum scale protocol nodes)  reporting NFS3ERR_IO in the log. I noticed that the affected nodes have a large number of open files, 200’000-400’000 open files per daemon (and 500 threads and about 250 client connections). Other nodes have 1’000 – 10’000 open files by ganesha only and don’t show the issue.


If someone could explain how ganesha decides which files to keep open and which to close that would help, too. As NFSv3 is stateless the client doesn’t open/close a file, it’s the server to decide when to close it? We do have a few NFSv4 clients, too.


Are there certain access patterns that can trigger such a large number of open file? Maybe traversing and reading a large number of small files?


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I did count the open files  by counting the entries in /proc/<pid of ganesha>/fd/ . With several 100k entries I failed to do a ‘ls -ls’ to list all the symbolic links, hence I can’t relate the open files to different exports easily.



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